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Success Stories

Learn how organizations grew their business and solved complex challenges with GamePlanX.

Developing a global brand, growing revenues from unfamiliar international markets, deploying powerful technology applications to scale a business, or to launch a new initiative on a shoestring budget with limited resources are all challenging endeavors that require a broad range of skills and capabilities.

GamePlanX, LLC (GPX), enabled organizations ranging from Medical Associations and Non-Profit Associations to Professional Sports Clubs and Technology Entrepreneurs solve challenging problems by engaging our resourceful global network, comprising of world-renowned experts, highly competent staff, sub-contractors, and consultants to formulate creative strategies with predictive analytics, to grow revenues with full-service sales representation, and scale business performance with API data integration and technology modernization.

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Growing International Sales for Medical Institutions

Medical Associations, Healthcare Systems, and Medical Universities have underutilized knowledge and contents that is in demand from international markets to improve healthcare services.

Typically, international sales is generated by local marketing agencies seeking the latest medical education from world-renowned experts to educate local physicians. However, such sales initiatives are driven without a cohesive global brand strategy, transparent compliance, and efficiency that results in limited brand development and sales from distant international markets.

We activated our medical experts and global sales network as a turnkey solution to develop creative bundled sales offerings, content syndication, and multi-channel delivery to maximize brand exposure and funding from international sponsors. Our efforts have brought thousands of new memberships and new revenues for the following organizations:

1. The American Diabetes Association (ADA)
2. American Society of Nephrology (ASN)
3. American Academy of Neurology (AAN)
4. American College of Cardiology (ACC)
5. The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions      (SCAI)
6. American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)
7. George Washington University School of Medicine (GWU)
8. University of Texas, Austin
9. University Hospitals of Leicester, NHS Trust, UK
10. European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

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Accessing New Healthcare  Markets with New Telehealth Capabilities

Our Pharmaceutical Marketing and Medical Communication clients came to us looking for innovative service offerings that improve patient access to higher quality of healthcare services from their markets.

We leveraged our cross industry expertise and know how of working with Medical Institutions, Healthcare Systems, Pharmaceutical companies, Global Mobility, eCommerce, AI Analytics and Automation to offer local clinic Quality Improvement (QI), Medical Second Opinion (MSO), and Patient Referral Programs so international patients and local physicians can gain access to leading experts from the US and Europe via Telemedicine, Telepresence Robots, and Medical Tourism (MT).

What we are offering is flattening Healthcare services into a global marketplace, where patients, physicians and healthcare service providers are being brought together for convenient and affordable access.

QI services provides local Healthcare Providers with the know how to upgrade their capabilities to match global quality of care standards.

MSO services brings much needed peace of mind to patients and their families. Medical Second Opinion from world renowned experts provides trusted transparency and credibility for disease diagnostics and treatment methods.

MT services provides convenient Medical Tourism so patients can easily gain access and can travel to leading international Hospitals and Healthcare systems from their countries.  Besides working with leading Medical Institutions and Hospitals, we work with our partner company, that manages over 10,000 worldwide relocations and assignments annually, to provide global mobility services from 160 countries.

We make it easy for patients to travel from any international city to Healthcare facilities in the US or other international locations with the following services:

1. Personalized Concierge/Counseling – Address travel and healthcare concerns, maintain connectivity with family and home country healthcare team
2. Visa & Immigration/Visa Renewals
3. International Travel Services
4. Temporary Housing
5. Destination Arrival/Departure Services.

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Modernizing Your Business

Besides growing sales, we can also modernize, automate, and scale your business.

The management at were looking for a partner to modernize an outdated ColdFusion website, into a modern eCommerce marketplace, at a budget they could afford.

The GPX team performed a detailed assessment of their legacy Cold Fusion website and then developed a plan, design, and prototype to modernize the legacy website into a well-thought-out multi-dealer B2B and B2C Marketplace, equipped with advanced eCommerce functionality and mobile phone responsive design.

The GPX multi-disciplined team then modernized the technology platform, by redesigning about 200 screens, replacing 400,000 lines of code, transforming over 180 SQL Tables with 6000 columns/fields, processing hundreds of thousands of records on a 2 TB server. The modernized site is now a marketplace with efficient search, product information, pricing, evaluation, and trading capabilities offering about 1 million high value collectables. The new platform and database is also now ready for integration of Blockchain and AI applications that can introduce greater transparency, liquidity, and trust.

The major challenge we undertook was to morph the outdated live site into a modern marketplace, while it was being used for everyday business. One expert compared this accomplishment to changing the wheels on a moving car, without having an accident. Our advanced capabilities enabled our client to not have to wait a year or more to provide a better experience to customers, or to delay revenue growth.

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Naming rights to Rio 2016 Olympic Stadium - Expanding the market reach for Pro-Sports

BOTAFOGO, one of FIFA's 12 biggest football clubs of the 20th century, retained GamePlanX to grow revenues from new international markets.

We applied our three steps from vision to revenues methodology, analytics, and experts from the professional sports industry to formulate a plan that included expanding brand presence internationally and presenting a high ROI business case to enlist new sponsors, investors and vendors.

Global companies, such as Coke, Wendy's, Prudential, Uber and Airbnb were presented with a unique opportunity to promote their brand and grow sales in Brazil and a 100 FIFA markets.

The GPX strategy included the activation of sponsorship dollars applied towards the naming rights of Rio 2016 Olympic Stadium, accelerating sponsor sales with mobile eCommerce apps and fan engagement platform that expands outreach to 100+ countries, converts 4 million captive fans and 30 million viewers into paying customers.

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