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On-Demand Medical Second Opinion (MSO) from US Experts

Doctors get a virtual clinic for only $20.

Meet more patients online, with live streaming and EHR

World-class US Medical Experts for Everyone, Everywhere

Get On-Demand access to over 800 world-class US experts in over 50 medical specialties.

How do you know you have been diagnosed correctly and are making the right treatment choices?

It just makes good sense to get a second opinion when you face an important medical condition.

When you’re facing a serious medical diagnosis, it’s common to feel anxious and confused. Making decisions can be very difficult, especially when you need to choose the right treatment options and understand total costs.

We offer immediate oversight consultation, diagnosis assessment and treatment recommendations in over 50 specialties, ranging from Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Nephrology, Orthopedic Surgery, and Oncology to Advanced Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, and Sports Medicine.

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Watch this video to learn why getting a second opinion from another doctor will save your life.

A trusted MSO can only help you make the right decision for better health and improve your chances for survival.

Get a confirmation that you have been diagnosed correctly.
Get more educated as a patient and a Healthcare (HC) consumer.
Get to know about various treatment options so you can make an informed decision.
Get confident that you are receiving the most appropriate treatment option.

There are no reasons to hesitate, most of all, you are not offending your physician. New treatment methods are always coming out of research and no one physician knows all the best treatment options.           

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GPX TeleHealth MSO Process



Register on our platform so we can learn more about your requirements and match you up with the appropriate US Medical Expert (US ME). We will also setup your online account for payment and delivery of our MSO services.


Submit Patient Health Record

Once we setup your account on our platform, you will receive an email with instructions, along with a checklist of Patient Health Record (PHR) data requirements for our US ME to provide the MSO.


Receive your MSO

Once the PHR is submitted is ready for review by our US ME.

Once the PHR review is complete, the US ME will post their recommendation on your account and email will send to inform you it is ready for you to review.


Specialist On-Demand

We offer access to a world-class US specialist or super-specialist within only a few minutes to attend to your urgent medical concern. Get immediate consultation and treatment recommendations whether you receive a troubling test result or feel unwell in your hotel room in a foreign land.

GPX TeleHealth

Our technology platform enables collaborative communication between 1:1, 1:Many or Many:Many, so there is efficient exchange of information to facilitate comprehensive support and care.


Maintaining the privacy of your PHR is of utmost importance to us. We can de-identify your record at setup upon your request.

We also encourage direct USME communication with your Physician so you get the best understanding of the diagnosis and treatment options.

Mobile Access

For your convenience the MSO service we offer is Mobile responsive so your case can be discussed while you are vising your physician or away from your home or office.

Incomplete PHRs

It is important for you to submit all the information required by US medical experts. Once a PHR review is started and it is determined that what you have submitted is incomplete, requesting additional information to complete the review can result in additional fees.

Medical Tourism and Travel Support

Working with our global mobility partner, we will help you get from just about any city to any other city in the world for medical treatment.

Our Medical Tourism or MT services make it easy for patients to gain access to US Healthcare Providers or other leading international healthcare providers with our MSO service, and then travel to their facilities in the US or elsewhere for advanced care.

Besides working with leading Medical Institutions and Hospitals, we work with our partner company, that manages over 10,000 worldwide relocations and assignments annually, to provide global mobility services from 160 countries.

We make it easy for patients to travel from any international city to Healthcare facilities in the US or other international locations with the following services:

1. Personalized Concierge/Counseling – Address travel and healthcare concerns, maintain connectivity with family and home country healthcare team
2. Visa & Immigration/Visa Renewals
3. International Travel Services
4. Temporary Housing
5. Destination Arrival/Departure Services.

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Quality Improvement - QI
Virtual Clinics, Live Streaming, EHRs.

Doctors get your virtual clinic with live streaming, waiting room, and EHRs, starting at just $20 a month.

GPX Telehealth

Bringing world-class healthcare to everyone, everywhere, when needed the most.

US Healthcare providers

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Intl Quality Improvement (QI)
Intl Medical Education
Intl Hospital/Clinic QI Training
 Intl HC Professional Development

Intl Patient Referral
Private Label MSO
 Medical Tourism
Intl Franchise Growth

Support Options

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Basic - MSO by 72 hours
Expedited - MSO by 24 hours

Urgent Video Scheduled Call

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Why we do what we do?

We have been providing physicians around the world with access to credible medical education from leading US Experts and Institutions to improve international healthcare practices, via our (GPX) business line.

We noticed gaps in transferring know-how from medical education to quality improvement of healthcare services at clinics and hospitals. We also received requests for advanced solutions to improve and scale diagnosis, treatment adherence, and preventive care for the overall well-being of large populations.

We are leveraging our resourceful international network and cross-industry expertise with TeleHealth, APIs, AI, and Global Mobility to address such gaps and solve complex challenges.

We aim to flatten the global healthcare marketplace with GPX TeleHealth services.