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Powerful Teleworking Solutions with Live Streaming, starting at $2 Per Person
GPX will replicate your physical work environment by organizing and integrating multi-location offices, teams, and content with virtual meeting rooms and live streaming, so you can Telework efficiently.

A simple click gets your entire team to start collaboration. 

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Marketplace for New Customers, Partners, Expert Second Opinions
Access new customers, sales reps, world-renowned opinion leaders, C-Level and technology experts to grow your business.

Get an independent expert second opinion to solve a complex challenge in a day.

GPX Global Healthcare Marketplace connects Medical Experts and Health Systems to patients to offer Medical Expert Second Opinion via  Telemedicine or better treatment via our Medical Tourism services.
10 Step Full-Service Sales Representation
Our sales teams follow a 10 steps, that begins with market research and ends with after-sales support in 32 high-ROI countries. Sales efforts are supported by creative brand development, design, digital marketing, and analytics to target and close on sales-ready leads efficiently.
AI Analytics & Automation
We apply our unique ability to harvest intelligence from news, social media, expert opinions, financial reports, CRM, and even emails, with predictive AI and Big Data analytics. We are also able to apply API Data Integration and AI applications to automate manual processes across siloed operations to improve business performance.
High-End Consulting
We engage multi-disciplined teams, apply Agile with High-Performance Teamwork (HPT), and our unique ability to harvest intelligence with AI Big Data Analytics to solve your complex challenges. We also execute your plans, drive sales, and deploy powerful technologies to grow your business.

Get from Vision to Revenues with GamePlanX.

Get Unbeatable Value

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Why GamePlanX?

We grow your business by bringing together all the capabilities required to get you from vision to revenues for unbeatable value.

We combined our extensive experiences from high-end management consulting, driving sales of healthcare services in 72 countries, deploying powerful technologies worldwide, and scaling Agile teams with High Performance Teamwork (HPT), inspired from our emergency healthcare, professional sports, and military backgrounds, to deliver turnkey solutions for our clients.   

We have supported numerous organizations, including medical associations, consulting companies, E-Commerce companies, and even professional sports clubs, such as BOTAFOGO, a leading Brazilian FIFA club, develop creative strategic plans, grow sales in international markets, deploy technology solutions, or develop their brand globally to grow revenues, over the past fifteen years. 

We can bring together multi-disciplined specialist teams from around the world, with skills ranging from high-end strategic consulting to healthcare, technology modernization, AI predictive Big Data analytics and global sales representation at a highly competitive cost that larger firms cannot offer. The capabilities we offer are very difficult for another firm to replicate as efficiently or cost effectively, simply because over time they are established to offer only a limited set of core competencies.

Firms that primarily offer specific services, such as technology development, conference management, or content publication sales, will find it difficult to propose the kind of high-impact vision and solutions we will deliver. We can leverage existing capabilities to enter new markets, such as enabling healthcare clients enter Patient Data Registries, Telemedicine, or Medical Tourism markets.

Read about Client success stories

Three Steps to get from Vision to Revenues

Adopt our unique Agile framework to Discover, Plan, and Execute.

Vision to Revenues

Get starteD

Expert Opinion

Marketplace for Experts

Get world-renowned experts to solve complex challenges or simply get an independent expert second opinion.

GEt STarted

Get it done!

We have our unique way of harvesting intelligence from large amounts of siloed databases and automating manual processes.

We can help Agile teams scale operations efficiently our High-Performance Teamwork (HPT) technology.

Get it done!

High Performance Teamwork (HPT) technology inspired from Professional Sports, Military, and Emergency Healthcare teams.

GamePlanX (GPX) Capabilities (GPX) offers the following capabilities to grow your business:

1. Access to new markets, customers, and partners.
2. Full-Service Sales Representation in 32 High-ROI Countries.
3. Turnkey solutions that gets you from vision to revenues at a budget you can afford.

We can serve as a broker to grow your revenuesor a full-service partner who offers high-end consulting with world-renowned opinion leaders,C-Level, sales, and IT Experts to solve your most challenging problems.

We apply a well-thought out process that includes our unique ability to harvest intelligence on unknown markets and customers with AI Predictive Big Data Analytics.

We include a panel of world-renowned experts, who have successfully overcome the challenges clients face, to breakdown and recommend a winning game plan that will deliver the KPIs and business goals you seek.
We provide rapid deployment of technology solutions with API integration and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to scale your operations.

The technology platform can be configured for Agile with High Performance Teamwork (HPT), CRM, and Conference Management to improve multi-location international team collaboration.

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